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anti_adoption's Journal

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This is a place to discuss anti adoption and adoption reform positions and activism.

you do not have to be 100 percent anti adoption to be here but you do have to be leaning heavily towards the radical adoption reform position

Adoption damages nations, communities, families, mothers and children. It is classist, racist, misogynistic and anti child. This comm is a place to discuss and educate on the inequality, oppression and corruption inherent in adoption.

It is a place to discuss and educate on alternatives to adoption such as community support, family preservation, kinship care and long term guardianship.

It is a place to dispel the myths that society tells itself about how adoption is a win/win/win situation for all concerned.

We are not suggesting that children should stay in abusive situations ever

While it is understandable that often feelings against both first mothers and adoptive mothers run high misogyny of any sort directed at anyone will not be tolerated.

This is not a place to whine about how ickky it is that gay people are allowed to adopt. If your reasoning doesn't work for heterosexual people as well then it is more than likely homophobic and won't be tolerated here.